yle="margin-top: 15px">To review applications for leave and add up the leave types is a most troublesome and labor consuming job. It is now possible to make the attendance system more convenient and efficient.

NewSoft OA designs every function based on the concept of human engineering so that will meet your needs in a natural way. Now let’s take a look at how easily typical customers use the attendance system.

Every day the "Absent Today" and "Absent Tomorrow" is appears on My Page and will clearly show the absent members for these days letting everyone know the current state of manning. Information such as the agent of the absent person displays when the mouse is moved over these fields. Thus the affairs of the company can be operated smoothly without surprises.

Everybody can check their "Holiday Data" at any time by clicking the "Attendance System" link at the top of the page.

After entering the page the vacation records for this year can be seen listed in detail allowing employees to review their holiday status saving them from brothering the busy personnel department. In addition to the information for the current year holiday data for other years can be viewed by clicking "Last Year" and "Next Year" at the upper right. Select "Print Preview" and an absence slip form will be printed.

Click the lower part and see all the holidays available this year. Details of the holidays like "Available" "Used" and "Remaining" are clearly presented.

Detailed information about modifications including editor date modified reason name of holiday leave type and available hours are all listed. Worries and mistakes can be avoided and some will never happen again.

If you want to ask for leave just click "Take a Vacation" on the toolbar the system will automatically put the information for your vacation into the approval system. This makes applying for leave so much less painful.

When asking for leave the system will display the leave type and available hours to make it easy for you to correctly apply.

After it is finished you can select "Progress" from the toolbar on the Attendance System to check the approval status of the absence slip.

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The chief of the personnel department will see a different interface than the ordinary employees. Let’s take a look at it.

The chief can see all the absent members for each day and click to check the vacation records and other information about the workers.

The organizational structure of the company on the left can help you quickly find a specific account.

If you want to change the type click "Available" from the type and modify it.

Then select "Add Hours" and remember to fill in a notation for future reference. You can also add default text to the notification to facilitate the next use.

The following functions are only available for the manager such as "Type Settings" "Import and Export" and "Report". Now let’s see them.

「Type Settings」:This is the most important task that must be done before using the attendance system as the types will be different from company to company. Please make theType Settings first.

Note: Once the type is set to Enable please do not change it to Disable to avoid any confusion.

「Import and Export」:after the type is set the next step is to quickly get all the employees available hours by importing and exporting their vacation records. Export the files from the attendance system and edit the items by using a spreadsheet tool like "Excel" and then import the data.

「Report」:Provide the manager of the personnel department with a most convenient report management tool. The manager can select the date and the department to review and click "OK" and then the data of the absent members in the specified period will be listed.

The attendance system integrated into the workflow substantially improves work efficiency for everyone and saves lot of time. In fact a smart attendance management system is essential for all industries.

  1. Customize leave types to suit the demands of different companies.
  2. Export data in batches. The personnel manager can edit the vacation data of all the members by using editing tools like Excel and then export the data one time which saves lot of time.
  3. When sending a vacation slip the system can automatically send e-mail SMS and IM notifications at the same time to speed up the process.
  4. Record details of every modification to the vacations and less worry about human errors.
  5. Export statistical reports with a click the vacation records will be displayed clearly.
  6. Allow employees to review their available hours at any time.
  7. Display information of the absent people every day and the leave period.
  8. Adjust the start and ending time and notes on the vacation slip freely.
  9. The manager can adjust the vacation flow for all members.
  10. The vacation slips combine with the routing system. Review the available hours while applying for leave to avoid making a mistake.
  11. Review the vacation records for last year or next year at any time.
  12. The approval status of vacation slips are kept for future reference.
  13. The manager can enter personal opinion when signing a case.
  14. The manager can select forward to defer and veto when reviewing a case.
  15. All the signing records are available for future reference.
  16. Select an agent and set the agent as a default for the first signing person.
  17. If the vacation includes weekends the system can automatically deduct it saving you from applying twice.
  18. Set several shifts when the members of the company work in different places and at different times or there are some indirect staff and indirect non-staff.
  19. Set the starting and closing of weeks different from Monday to Sunday.